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2024 Leadership Conference

Communicating strategy to change your organization

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About This Event

Attend the 2024 Leadership Conference for LabOps professionals, where we redefine learning with practical, immersive sessions tailored to your needs.

From VPs to Lab Technicians, enhance your skills through real-world workshops and information sessions designed to address the unique challenges of lab management.

Elevate your career and lab's efficiency by implementing techniques for improved operations and innovation. Discover a new standard of excellence in LabOps, where actionable insights lead to tangible outcomes.

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Membership is open to anyone currently working in a LabOps role.  Its free to join. 

Why attend?

Our theme this year:

Communicating strategy to change your organization


The Leadership Conference is designed with all learning styles in mind.  Learn, discuss and then apply each part of our agenda. 


Every attendee will leave with real world examples of ways to communicate strategy within their organization.

Info Sessions

Industry leaders will provide training how they communicate and structure their strategic initiatives

Facilitated Discussion

Following each session we will break up to discuss and work together to understand the information

Applicable Skills

Use it or lose it.  Our agenda includes active work sessions to apply what we just learned, get feedback and have to take back as a resource.


Connect with other members with more experience to learn and grow together.


Thursday, Oct 10, 2024

Somerville, MA

8:00am - 5:00pm

Event Schedule

  • 8:00am

    Breakfast and Registration

    We always eat well at LabOps Events, make sure to get there early to enjoy breakfast.
  • 8:30am


    Amanda Allen, LabOps Unite Founder and Board President, will kick off our Leadership Conference by providing a captivating glimpse into our progress as an organization and our endeavors over the past three years!
  • 9:00am

    Leadership Panel

     Attend this panel discussion to discover insights into how leaders are strategizing operations within their organizations and explore strategies to effectively highlight the value of your work to senior management.
  • 10:30am

    Info Session: How to present your strategy?

    Explore the components of an effective strategy presentation and learn the best ways to organize your presentations to drive organizational change.


  • 10:30am

    Info Session: How to demonstrate ROI?

    Linking the results of your efforts directly to the Return on Investment (ROI) is crucial for propelling your organization's projects and initiatives to new heights. Mastering the art of effectively understanding and conveying your impact is a skill that can be refined through practice. This session is designed to equip you with essential insights, preparing you for those critical discussions.


  • 11:00am

    Info Session: How improve your communication to Leadership?

    Enhancing your communication skills requires dedication and practice. In this session, we're going to explore the essentials of effective communication, introduce strategies for improvement, and provide valuable resources to help you continue honing your abilities.


  • 11:30am

    Facilitated Discussion

    Our executive team and board members will lead small group discussions to distill the insights shared during the Info Session. Participants will depart equipped with a personalized action plan tailored to the topics we've explored together.


  • 12:00pm


    Each of our breaks offers attendees the opportunity to connect and gain knowledge while enjoying scrumptious meals and beverages.


  • 1:00pm

    Sponsor Focus Groups

    Due to overwhelming request, we're thrilled to invite you to engage with our sponsors across three dynamic 20-minute sessions. Dive into discussions on the latest industry trends, innovative product developments, and share your insights on their key areas of interest.

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  • 2:15pm

    Present your Problem Workshop

    Practical Application: Our journey will take us through a series of case studies, each designed to spotlight the unique challenges operations professionals face. Collaboratively, we'll dive into these scenarios in working groups, dissecting the problems, exploring possible solutions, and then, leveraging the skills honed in prior sessions, crafting compelling presentations. These creations will not only be shared among us but will also be pitted against each other in a friendly competition to crown the most effective solution.  
    After the conference we will share the repository or presentations for members to use in their own work settings.


  • 4:30pm

    LabOps Awards/LabOps Meeting

    ✅ Our annual meeting includes review of our annual budget, progress on 2024 goals and other new business items.  
    🏆 We will wrap up our day celebrating our outstanding members.


  • 05:00pm

    Happy Hour

    Join us for an evening filled with delectable hors d'oeuvres, refreshing beverages, and unparalleled networking opportunities as we invite our extended community of partners, sponsors, and members to come together.



speaker - Amanda
Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen

Executive Director, Odyssey Therapeutics

Founder, LabOps Unite

speaker - Angela
Angela Hui
Angela Hui

Vice President Of Operations, Elektrofi

BOD, Vice President

speaker - Tyler
Tyler Faling
Tyler Faling

Associate Director, Alloy Therapeutics

BOD Treasurer, LabOps Unite


speaker - Jake
Jake Haworth
Jake Haworth

Director of Operations, Moderna

BOD Secretary, LabOps Unite

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